Dog Pound


Cozad Police Officers respond to many Dog at Large calls throughout the year.  If the owner is located Officers may issue a citation for dog at large per city ordinance.  If the owner cannot be located the dog is taken to the Cozad Vet Clinic.  Dogs are housed at the Cozad Vet Clinic.  

Each impounded dog shall be kept for not less than a period of 5 days unless reclaimed by the owner.  After a period of 5 days and notice posted the animal may be disposed of in a humane manner. 

If your dog is missing, you can contact the Police Department at 308-784-2366 or log onto and check the dog pound page.  You can also check with the Cozad Vet Clinic at 400 W 2nd in Cozad or call 308-784-4200. If your dog has been picked up and is at the Vet Clinic you need to contact the Cozad Vet Clinic and City Office at 215 W 8th.  You may call the City Office if needed at 308-784-3907.  Remember to bring proof of rabies vaccinations with you if you have them.  You may be required to have your dog registered and pay costs to have your dog released.  You may be required to pay a fine, impoundment fees, and boarding fees. 

Many dogs are abandoned, or owners are unable to be located.  In this instance the Cozad Police Department in cooperation with the Cozad Vet Clinic will attempt to have the dog adopted.  If you are interested in adopting a dog on this page, please contact the Cozad Vet Clinic at 400 W 2nd or call 308-784-4200.  You may have costs involved with this.  You may be required to pay for spaying or neutering, boarding fees, vaccinations, and other misc. expenses.

Paw Prints

Check out Paw Prints in Dawson County.  They were created to help inform residents of Dawson County about the need to spay and neuter animals. Raise awareness about the pet overpopulation in the communities and how we can help stop it by sterilizing animals. 

They may offer assistance on the cost of spaying and neutering your animal 

They may offer help in feeding animals when financial difficulty arises 

They may offer assistance in locating lost animals 

They may offer assistance in rehoming abandoned animals 

If your interested in donating money, food, or volunteering you can contact them

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