Mission Statement

The mission of the Cozad Police Department is to preserve the Peace in Cozad, Nebraska by serving our citizens and visitors with the highest level of public safety.  We are dedicated to protect and serve by exemplifying honor, integrity, honesty, compassion, leadership, professional competence, and respect.  The Cozad Police Department will protect life and property through enforcement of regulations, ordinances, and laws.  The Staff pledges a commitment to public service while also providing non-enforcement assistance to citizens in need.


See something send something

A Community Empowerment App An idea inspired from the “See something, Say something” movement, our iPhone and Android app has two features that will help empower our community, increase communication and solve crimes. The See it, Say it, Send it app allows law enforcement to send GeoFenced messages about current or past suspicious activity, be proactive in warning about potential criminal activity and alert the community of missing or endangered persons. In return, the community empowerment side of the app allows the app users to capture images, video or audio of suspicious activity and autonomously send it to the closest law enforcement agency. 

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The Cozad Police Department would like to remind parents and children of the curfew ordinance.  Please ensure you and your children are in compliance with the City Ordinances.  If you are caught violating the curfew ordinance you may receive a citation. SEE THE ORDIANCE SECTION

Slow watch for children


The Cozad Police Department would like to remind residents to observe and abide by school zone speed limits as well as watch for children walking to and from.  By slowing down and being attentive we can help our children get to and from school and sporting events safely.

Be a responsible pet owner


The Cozad Police Department handles a large volume of calls in relation to animals.  Remember that owning a dog is a responsibility.  Please ensure your dog is secured and taken care of.       Dogs are required to be registered through the City.  You can register your dog at the City Office.  They are also required to have current rabies vaccinations.  Officers may issue citations for failing to register your dog or having current rabies vaccinations.

Lets keep Cozad beautiful


The Cozad Police Department would like to ask residents to help keep Cozad clean and beautiful.  The Police Department handles hundreds of calls every year in relation to cleanliness of properties around town.  This includes trash or rubbish in yards as well as vehicles that are not licensed or operable.  Remember to license your vehicles.  Failure to license your vehicle could result in it being towed at the owners expense.  Officers may issue citations for trash or rubbish in yards as well as unlicensed or inoperable vehicles.  

Yard waste and vegitation


Residents may dispose of yard waste/clippings or trimmings in the green dumpsters provided around town by the city.  

Household waste


Trash and debris may be disposed of in the tan dumpsters around town.  Residents may also utilize the dumpster area on the south side of Hwy 30.    Please dispose of your trash and yard waste properly.  Officers may issue citations for disposing of waste in the wrong dumpster per city ordinance 51.16.

Recycling Center

The Recycling  Center is a privilage that the City provides to residents of the City.  The City provides this to residents in an effort to keep our City Beautiful.  Only residents of the City can use it.  Use by non residents is illegal.  Violators will be prosecuted.  

The Recycling Center is located on South McCance at the Municiple Yard.  

Hours are 8 AM to 8 PM. Monday through Friday

No weekends as of now

Only Tree branches may be taken to the old location across from Pump amd Pantry.


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